Allan Peach


Master's Degree, Computer Science, Loyola Marymount University

Bachelor's Degree, Motion Picture Production, U.C.L.A.

Allan Peach Consulting, Independent Consultant, Photographer, Writer and Producer

My clients have included: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, ONEHope Foundation, The Sam Francis Foundation, Netune Communications, Cannon Films, Advanced Media Networks, MGM Studios, The Boeing Company, Christopher Grimes Gallery, Hamilton Galleries, Fresh Paint Gallery, actors Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams, Blum and Poe Gallery, The Brentwood Art Center, DemoGraFX and the peakPRgroup.

Film and Video Production Work Highlights

• Associate Producer on Cannon Films' feature “Shape Changers.” I also served as the Second Unit Director, and Special Effects Producer on this production

• I produced and designed and executed the computer display graphics for Columbia TriStar's “Single White Female.”

• I produced television commercials for the Leo Burnett Agency, and title sequences for Disney's “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” and Columbia TriStar's “Troop Beverly Hills.” I worked on a theme park ride for Hanna-Barbera and Universal Studios for Kroyer Films

• I produced a commercial for the J. Walter Thompson ad agency and Oscar Mayer

• I produced the Mick Jagger music video “Hard Woman,” titles for Jim Henson's “Labyrinth,” tests for Disney's “Captain Eo,” and Paul Verhoeven's “RoboCop,” commercials for TRW and JC Penny, a virtual reality project for Apple Computer with ex-Apple Fellow Alan Kay, and a computer graphics showcase reel for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Digital Productions/Robert Abel

Writing Highlights

• Wrote and presented a paper for the 34th SMPTE Advanced Motion Imaging Conference.

• Authored the Computer Graphics portion of the American Society of Cinematographers Manual for the 7th and 8th editions.

• Published articles in “Television And Broadcast,” “AV Revolution,” and ”Learning Through History” magazines.

Selected Film and Video Production Awards

Niimble and the Jabberwok -- First Place PIXAR RenderMan Festival

• Mick Jagger's “Hard Woman” -- First place for music videos at the National Computer Graphics Association's Videogala; Prix de Pixel award from INA in Monte Carlo; The Television Movie Awards prize for computer animation; Two first place awards from Billboard Magazine for Best Computer Graphics and Best Special Effects for a Music Video; and a first prize for Music Videos at the Houston International Film Festival

• Title Sequence Jim Henson's “Labyrinth” A first prize at INA Monte Carlo, and a first prize in Theatrical Motion Picture Graphics from the National Computer Graphics Association


• My photos have appeared in “US Magazine,” “Radar Online,”  “Distinctive Living Magazine,” “Luxury Life and Style,” “The Santa Monica Observer,” “Tonic,” and


• Selected Gallery Shows

     Spectrum-Gestalt bG Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Bergamot Station. Santa Monica 2014

     Photography of the Spectacular bG Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Bergamot Station 2014

     144[2015] bG Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Bergamot Station 2015

     Spectrum-Gestalt 2 bG Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Bergamot Station. Santa Monica 2015

     Snap to Grid Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, 104 East 4th Street, Los Angeles, 2015

     Gray Scale Wonderland 2, bG Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Bergamot Station. 2016

     Chaos Theory 2 Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, 2016

     MONSTERPhoto Gestalt, bG Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Bergamot Station. 2016

     Spectrum-Gestalt3 bg Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Bergamot Station 2016

     California Open 2016 TAG Gallery Bergamot Station, Santa Monica 2016

     Storytellers Las Laguna Gallery Laguna Beach 2017

     Day Dreamers bG Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Bergamot Station 2017

     bG Anniversary Salon Exhibit bG Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Bergamot Station 2017

     LA Art Fair, bg Bleicher/Gorman booth, Los Angeles 2018

     Gray Scale Wonderland 3, FM Gallery with bg Gallery, Hollywood 2018

     Women in Music, The Fab Factory, North Hollywood 2018

     Spectrum Gestalt 5 bG Bleicher/Gorman Gallery Santa Monica 2018