Allan Peach

Artist Statement

At the tender age of twelve, I saw Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, in a first run theater in Compton, California. The audience screamed in terror at every sequence, and left the theater in pure emotional exhaustion. The experience changed my life. I realized that Art could send emotional shock waves through the spectator, and I was giddy.  

A few years later, I listened to a recording of Marcel Duchamp, in which he spoke of how the audience, not the artist finishes a work of Art.

An Artwork can create the deepest emotions in an Audience, and the Audience can in turn finish the work through the emotions it experiences - these ideas exploded in my mind.

I encourage audience reaction in my work, and use elements of noir, pulp illustration, silent film expressionism and Hollywood glamor photography as a shared launching pad with my audience for what I create.